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Turn Your Side Hustle

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Trademark, Copyright, and Small Business Legal Services

Who We Are

SideHustle.Law PLLC is a boutique firm that enables brand builders to make their mark in history.

We focus on small businesses, technology, and intellectual property law.

We act for both established and emerging brands in the entertainment, cultural, technology, and marketing sectors, including:

  • film
  • music
  • digital media
  • fashion
  • social media
  • web3
  • sports
  • public figures
  • crypto
  • and more

Trusted By Top Class Brands

Trademark Services

We focus on comprehensive trademark services to protect and empower your brand. This includes registering trademarks, conducting thorough searches, and managing all aspects of prosecution and enforcement with tailored advice on licensing, portfolio management, renewals, and infringement monitoring to ensure your trademark's long-term success.


Copyright Services

We provide a full suite of copyright services to safeguard your creative works. Our team expertly handles copyright registration, licensing agreements, and enforcement against infringement. We also offer guidance on DMCA compliance and assist in the transfer or assignment of copyright ownership, ensuring your intellectual property is protected and managed effectively.

General Counsel

We guide startups through the intricacies of business formation and structuring. Our services range from advising on the best legal structure, like LLCs, corporations, or partnerships, to handling registration and ensuring compliance with laws. We also specialize in crafting and reviewing contracts and agreements to protect your business interests. Additionally, we manage third-party agreements, offering expert negotiation and legal advice to resolve any disputes or issues that arise.


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I’m Pablo, founder of SideHustle.Law, the attorney who helps guide you through the complex journey of entrepreneurship.

  • Retired Police Officer

  • Attorney

  • (Failed) Startup Founder

  • Legal Advisor

  • Tech Advocate

  • Educator

As the founder of SideHustle.Law and a seasoned Trademark Attorney, I leverage my unique background as a retired NYC Police Officer, founder, and consultant to provide expert legal guidance to technology entrepreneurs, focusing on online businesses and blockchain. I am deeply involved in intellectual property, business structuring, and general counsel, with notable contributions to international organizations and the New York State Bar Association's Task Force on Digital Finance and Currency.


What Our Clients Say About Us

TMHustleImages (1000 x 500 px) (4)-1

I have been working with Pablo for over a year now. He has helped our startup with trademarks, corporate registrations and others. Top Notch work!

COO, Nettyworth

TMHustleImages (1000 x 500 px) (5)-1
I couldn't be more pleased with Pablo and Side Hustle Law. The team went above and beyond in handling my needs and provided expert guidance every step of the way. Their attention to detail, dedication, and commitment to ensuring not only am I protected within the every changing crypto space but more importantly that my brand is protected.

CEO, 21 Mile Media Productions

Trademark Application Process

Learn how we stay with you from pre-search clearance to registration.

1. Free Brand Assessment

Fill out our Free Brand Assessment HERE and book a meeting with one of our trademark attorneys.

2. Free Knockout Search

Within 24 hours we will perform a free knockout search to make sure there are no directly conflicting trademarks and email you the results.

3. Comprehensive Search Report

If you choose to retain us then we will provide you with a Comprehensive Search Report that outlines all potential conflicts with an analysis from our trademark attorneys. 

4. Consultation and Filing Trademark Application

After we discuss your options from the search report results we then file the trademark application with the USPTO.

5. USPTO Examining Attorney

After several months the USPTO will assign an examining attorney to your trademark application. The attorney will check if the application needs more information.

6. Respond to the Examining Attorney

Should the examining attorney have any further questions or issues regarding your application they will send us an office action. We will notify you of the office action and promptly respond on your behalf. 

7. Notice of Opposition

Provided all is well, the USPTO will publicly publish the trademark for the opposition. This means anybody will have 30 days to fight the mark. 

8. Trademark Registered

You have your trademark registered! We will follow up with the trademark certificate and make sure you fully understand the next steps. Congrats!
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